Alessandro Pogliaghi


  • Untitled - August '16
  • P2P Electron Application for high performance file transfer and low bandwidth usage throughout different networks and devices.
    There won't be the need of a transfer of the file to the server since the whole process will be encrypted and between clients.
    ***Currently dealing with concurrency management DB issues***
  • ErreElle - (from) April '16
  • {V 2.0 November '16 Release }
    detailed release notes here

    HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website. This project consisted in the complete design overhaul of the ErreElle website, a (really) important Italian company(parented with Vaillant) which quickly grew from being a little service center up to becoming a company serving more than 50k clients.
  • HelpYourself - May '15 {EXPO MILAN}
  • Website for a School Charity program, I implemented an interactive map based on a non-conventional db that helped scaling a decent amount of data in a really short period of time.
    The site has also participated to the "EXPO 2015 SCHOOL PROJECT"
    and gained access to the top 100. [With submissions from all over the country]
  • Sudoku App with Online & Bluetooth Multiplayer - April '15
  • Android-based application that allowed two players to play Sudoku via WiFi Direct or via Bluetooth.
    The application provided a tutorial and various features:
    - Three types of AI difficulty {Single Player Only}
    - Mistake Highlight Feature {Single Player Only}
    - Cell Solving Feature {Single Player Only}
    - Bookmark Feature
    - Return to first error {Single Player Only}


  • Developing Android apps
  • Developing some websites...
  • Enrolled in a Computer Science course


  • Software Programming especially related to mobile applications
  • tesla & elon addicted
  • Autonomous Driving & AI enthusiast
  • Interested in modern Payments Solutions
  • MS fan since the very beginning
  • Gooner & Boston Celtics supporter